Facilities and Equipment

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has renovated 1040 square feet of laboratory space for the Robertson research group. The laboratory space is divided into three areas, all of which are adjoining:


Polymer Synthesis Laboratory


The synthesis laboratory is 460 square feet in size and includes three 6-ft fume hoods which contain solvent and acid storage cabinets, a vacuum pump cabinet, a cup sink and water aspirator, and connections for nitrogen and compressed air. The laboratory has adequate bench space, cabinets, and a double sink. The laboratory contains a Vacuum Atmospheres glove box and a SG Waters Glass Contour solvent purification system. The laboratory also contains a rotary evaporator, analytical and precision balances, glassware drying oven, oil baths with temperature control, heaters and stirrers, and assorted glassware and other small equipment required for polymer synthesis.




Polymer Characterization Laboratory


The characterization laboratory is 460 square feet in size and contains the required amount of bench space for the major and minor equipment placed there, as well as cabinets for storage. The laboratory contains a Malvern size exclusion chromatography instrument and a Carver hot press. A differential scanning calorimeter, rheometer, and tensile tester will be purchased. The laboratory also contains vacuum ovens, a kiln and a centrifuge.



Optical Laboratory


The optical laboratory is 120 square feet in size and contains an optical bench of the dimensions 3 feet by 6 feet.  There is one 3-ft laboratory bench with base cabinets and a computer desk. The laboratory will contain a static light scattering and depolarized light scattering instrument.

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